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PumpUp, inc.

as reported by concealment Rights Clearinghouse: ZDNet's Zach Whittaker reports:A popular fitness app that claims over six 1000000 users was leaking private and sensitive data, including health information and private messages sent between users.PumpUp, an Ontario-based company, bills itself as a fitness community, allowing subscribers to discover new workouts and register their results, and get advice from fitness coaches and other users.But the troupe left a core backend server, hosted on Amazon's cloud, exposed without a password, allowing anyone to see who was signing on and who was sending messages -- and their contents -- in real-time.. . .Each time a user sent a content to another user, the app exposed user profile data -- and the private contents of that message.The exposed data included email addresses, dates of birth, gender, and the city or town of the user's location and timezone. The data also included the user's app bio, workout and activity goals, and users' full resolution profile photos, who a user has blocked, and if the user has rated the app.The app also exposed user-submitted health info -- such as height, weight, and other data points, like caffeine and alcohol consumption, smoking frequency, health concerns, medications, and injuries.Also included in the exposed data was device data, such as iOS and Android advertiser identifiers, users' IP addresses, and session tokens for the app which could be used to earn access to a user's account without needing their password.Users who signed in using Facebook also had their access tokens exposed, putting their Facebook account at risk.In some cases, we also found unencrypted credit card data -- including card numbers, expiry dates, and card verification values 

About HackNotice and PumpUp, inc.

HackNotice is a service that notices trends and patterns in publically available data so as to identify possible data breaches, leaks, hacks, and other data incidents on behalf of our clients. HackNotice monitors data streams related to breaches, leaks, and hacks and PumpUp, inc. was reported by one of those streams. HackNotice may also have the breach date, hack date, the hacker responsible, the hacked industry, the hacked location, and any other parts of the hack, breach, or leak that HackNotice can report on for the consumers of our product.

If you are a user of PumpUp, inc. their products, services, websites, or applications and you were a client of HackNotice, monitoring for PumpUp, inc. you may have been alerted to this report about PumpUp, inc. . HackNotice is a service that provides data, information, and monitoring that helps our clients recover from and remediate data breaches, hacks, and leaks of their personal information. HackNotice provides a service that helps our clients know what to do about a hack, breach, or leak of their information.

If PumpUp, inc. had a breach of consumer data or a data leak, then there may live additional actions that our clients should take to protect their digital identity. Data breaches, hacks, and leaks often lead to and do indistinguishability theft, account take overs, ransomware, spyware, extortion, and malware. account takeovers are often caused by credential reuse, watchword reuse, easily guessed passwords, and are facilitated by the sharing of billions of credentials and other customer information through data leaks, as the direct resultant of data breaches and hacks.

HackNotice monitors trends in publically available data that indicates tens of thousands of data breaches each year, along with billions of records from data leaks each year. On behalf of our clients, HackNotice works to monitor for hacks that conduct to lower client certificate and digital identities that have been exposed and should be considered vulnerable to attack. HackNotice works with clients to identify the extent that digital identities experience been exposed and provides remediation suggestions for how to handle each type of exposure.

HackNotice monitors the hacker community, which is a network of individuals that share data breaches, hacks, leaks, malware, spyware, ransomware, and many other tools that are often used for financial fraud, account take overs, and further breaches and hacks. HackNotice monitors the hacker community specifically for breaches, hacks, and data leaks that suffer consumers. HackNotice applies industry specific knowledge and advanced security practices to monitor for trends that indicate breaches, hacks, and exposed digital identities.

HackNotice also enables clients to share hack notices with their friend, family, and collogues to help increase awareness around alleged hacks, breaches, or data leaks. HackNotice works to provide clients with sharable reports to aid increase the certificate of our clients personal network. The security of the people that our clients interact with directly impacts the level of certificate of our clients. Increased exposure to accounts that have been taken over by hackers leads to further account take overs through phishing, malware, and other impound techniques.

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