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Aultman health Foundation Notifying Patients of Insider-Wrongdoing The Ohio foundation is notifying approximately 7,000 patients that a former employee accessed their records without business need. HOYA Optical Labs of America Notifying Patients of Ransomware Incident as first reported by HealthITSecurity, the Japanese-headquartered firm notified 3,259 U.S. patients of a ransomware incident. The incident occurred in mar and was discovered in April. To their credit, they informed those affected that the stolen data had been published by the threat actors. Implementing the HIPAA Security Rule: telephone for Comments Extended to July 9th The National institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has extended the due date to July 9, 2021, for providing comments on NIST Special publication (SP) 800-66 revisal 1, An Introductory Resource guide for Implementing the health indemnity Portability and Accountability roleplay (HIPAA) security Rule (Resource Guide). See the call for comments for more details and instructions for submitting comments. maintenance N tutelage indemnity company of north Carolina, Inc. d/b/a HealthTeam reward (HealthTeam Advantage) Notifies Members of beacon health Solutions breach DataBreaches.net had first noted the lighthouse health Solutions breach in a November, 2020 report after it appeared on REvil’s dedicated leak site in October. We later learned that lighthouse notified HHS on December 11, 2020, but their report claimed 500 patients impacted, which seemed significantly less than what had been publicly dumped by threat actors. in April, BHS issued a press free that this site reported and criticized for claiming that they first discovered the transgress on January 29. This week, care N care insurance fellowship of northward Carolina, Inc. d/b/a HealthTeam reward (HealthTeam Advantage) disclosed that they were impacted by the breach. Their note stated, in part, “Prior to the emerge being discovered, certain penis info may have been compromised.” “May make been?” lighthouse Health Solutions doesn’t know for sure? Two More Entities disclose impact from Elekta breach health Team Advantage wasn’t the only covered entity first disclosing this week that they had been impacted by a business associate transgress months ago. renown health disclosed that they had been impacted by the Elekta transgress first mentioned on this site in April. The Swedish radiology software provider incident impacted a number of covered entities, and Renown Health wasn’t the only entity to publication a notification this month — Cancer Centers of southwestward Oklahoma also issued a notification. duplicate Med LLC Notifies Employees of breach Sometimes it’s the employees and not the patients… duplicate Med LLC in California is notifying 366 employees of unauthorized access to some of their info in its systems between september 28, 2020 and october 4, 2020. CaptureRx Notifies More Impacted Entities and Patients, Updates Numbers Again DataBreaches.net has continued to track reports stemming from a transgress of NEC Networks LLC dba CaptureRx, a special pharmacy benefits provider. in May, CaptureRx had indicated that 1,919,938 people had been impacted. In an updated filng this week, however, they reported the number now stands at 2,420,141. send in the Lawyers or Regulators Scripps health faces four class-action suits citing ransomware records transgress ii such proceedings were filed in federal court on monday and hold been added to the two cases already in state court books since early June. Everything makes essentially the same basic claim: Scripps failed to encounter its obligations to protect patient information, exposing patients to potential fallouts from personal information theft to medical fraud. Colonial Pipeline Sued for flatulence Crisis From Ransomware assail Colonial Pipeline Co. was sued by a gas station seeking to interpret thousands more over the ransomware attempt in May that paralyzed the U.S. orient Coasts flow of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. EZ Mart 1 LLC, a two-pump station in Wilmington, North Carolina, buys its fuel from a distributor supplied by Colonial, according to a complaint filed monday in federal courtroom in Georgia. SEC Investigating Companies Handling of SolarWinds attack The SEC is seeking to determine whether public-company victims made appropriate disclosures to investors, if there was suspicious trading related to the cyberattack and whether private data was compromised.

About HackNotice and Bits n Pieces

HackNotice is a service that notices trends and patterns in publically available data so as to identify possible data breaches, leaks, hacks, and other data incidents on behalf of our clients. HackNotice monitors data streams related to breaches, leaks, and hacks and Bits n Pieces was reported by one of those streams. HackNotice may also have the breach date, hack date, the hacker responsible, the hacked industry, the hacked location, and any other parts of the hack, breach, or leak that HackNotice can report on for the consumers of our product.

If you are a user of Bits n Pieces their products, services, websites, or applications and you were a client of HackNotice, monitoring for Bits n Pieces you may have been alerted to this report about Bits n Pieces . HackNotice is a service that provides data, information, and monitoring that helps our clients recover from and remediate data breaches, hacks, and leaks of their personal information. HackNotice provides a service that helps our clients know what to do about a hack, breach, or leak of their information.

If Bits n Pieces had a transgress of consumer data or a data leak, then there may be additional actions that our clients should read to protect their digital identity. Data breaches, hacks, and leaks often lead to and do identicalness theft, account take overs, ransomware, spyware, extortion, and malware. account takeovers are often caused by credential reuse, password reuse, easily guessed passwords, and are facilitated by the sharing of billions of credentials and other customer information through data leaks, as the direct result of data breaches and hacks.

HackNotice monitors trends in publically available data that indicates tens of thousands of data breaches each year, along with billions of records from data leaks each year. On behalf of our clients, HackNotice works to monitor for hacks that lede to lower client surety and digital identities that have been exposed and should be considered vulnerable to attack. HackNotice workings with clients to describe the extent that digital identities have been exposed and provides remediation suggestions for how to grip each type of exposure.

HackNotice monitors the hacker community, which is a network of individuals that portion data breaches, hacks, leaks, malware, spyware, ransomware, and many other tools that are often used for financial fraud, account take overs, and further breaches and hacks. HackNotice monitors the hacker community specifically for breaches, hacks, and data leaks that hurt consumers. HackNotice applies industry specific knowledge and advanced surety practices to monitor for trends that indicate breaches, hacks, and exposed digital identities.

HackNotice also enables clients to portion hack notices with their friend, family, and collogues to help growth cognisance around alleged hacks, breaches, or data leaks. HackNotice works to ply clients with sharable reports to help growth the security of our clients personal network. The security of the people that our clients interact with directly impacts the level of certificate of our clients. Increased exposure to accounts that have been taken over by hackers leads to further account take overs through phishing, malware, and other impound techniques.

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